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Faith Diva was started in 2008 by Tina B. Peters.    It wasn’t until after the sudden death of her husband in 2010, when she found herself raising their two sons alone, that she realized the purpose that God had placed in her heart years ago.  


Faith Diva not only became a way for her to supplement her income, it also helped her work through her grief.   Spending countless hours in her studio she begin to reflect on what was really important in life.  She realized that things in this world will always pass away and only what we do for the Kingdom will last.  Since then Faith Diva has become a platform for her to share her testimony and encourage others.   


Tina believes that religious jewelry  and apparel doesn't have to be identified by the fact that you are wearing a cross or a prayer box. It is about what that piece represents to you spiritually.  Many of our designs are named after individuals in the Bible and every piece is delivered with a prayer and the story reflective of its name. 


Faith Diva understands that a woman's fashion should reflect  her style and her image. Every woman has been blessed with a special purpose and gift and she should walk into her blessings with poise, grace and confidence.  All of us are Divine, Inspired, Victorious and Anointed. 


We are DIVAS.  



Faith Diva

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