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Faith Diva is a faith based fashion design company founded and led by master artisan and designer Tina Peters. We craft our designs with the discerning client in mind and only use the highest quality gemstones, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and hand blown glass beads in our jewelry and our Trinity clothing line uses the best quality in fabrics and textiles. Faith Diva designs are unique and one of a kind just like you.  Many of our designs are inspired by individuals in the Bible and every piece is delivered with a prayer and the story reflective of its name. 


At Faith Diva our attention to detail, color and layout combinations are what sets us apart from other designers. "When you wear Faith Diva you are not wearing just another piece of jewelry or garment you are wearing a work of art!" - Tina K.  Faith Diva CEO


We believe that your fashion sense is a large part of your personal statement and it should reflect your style.  With that in mind we recognize that everyone has a special purpose to fulfil in this life and Faith Diva was created to offer the design options that all women need to walk with poise, grace and confidence. 


That is what our designs are about. They make a statement. So walk in your purpose looking gorgeous every step of the way.   Remember all you need is a little Faith. 

Faith Diva

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